Old school? Nah…just good networking sense.

Technology allows us to have access to incredible resources and establish some non-linear connections that we may never have exploited in our analog world.

In my day-job I am constantly reminded of the relationship between the people that I provide business continuity advice and the technology that surrounds us to enable our business outcomes. A simple email to ask a non-time sensitive question gets fired off, and I seemingly forget about it until I get some type of response, mostly another email.

So it always impresses me when another colleague picks up the phone to talk about my email, even though an email would have sufficed. Sometimes my Spidey sense tingles when people *only* want to discuss sensitive issues by phone: our calls are not logged or recorded. Most of the time people (of all ages!) just like to talk to someone during the workday, other than the co-worker in the other work pit.

Today, out of the ether-blue, I get an unexpected phone call from a much-removed acquaintance that was responding to some email that I had fired off many weeks ago. To be honest: I really was not expecting any response to my message, as it only benefited my work!

We chatted about my message, sure. But, we also took the short time of this phone call to catch up on comings-and-goings. It was a nice chat. By taking the time to actually talk to each other, in the usual flow of a discussion, we both got something out of it.

Although the outcome of our chat was the use of another technology to support my original request, as a positive enabler, I sense that I would not have had as much buy-in had I simply received yet another email in my inbox to another benign email message.